Owner & Founder

Ben Garza


Growing up in Florida, I was not exposed to mountains of any kind. However, the mountains always grabbed my attention. So one day I decided to learn how to climb. I signed up for a 3-day mountaineering course and had about 3 months to prepare. To make things difficult, I was living in Florida and there was not another climber to be found. No help. Just me and a small gym that I used at my work. 

Through hard work and a lot of pain from failure, I developed the foundation for the training programs that has brought myself and many clients great success in the mountains.


Why train2climb

My wife, Nilofer, and I traveled to climb Mt. Rainier during our honeymoon. As we trained, I noticed that several guide services offered minimal training advice. The guide service made the climb seem easier than it actually was. We climbed with a group of 12 climbers and only 3 of us summited. Climbers simply were not prepared. They followed the wrong advice and that really bothered me. I was mad because I know the 9 that did not summit spent a lot of time, money, and emotion preparing for the trip. Some travelled from across the country. I hated seeing the look of disappointment on their faces. It was more like the look of betrayal because they followed generic training advice that had been provided by the guide service. Generic training = generic result. Targeted training = targeted results. 

After that experience, I started train2climb to give you specific instructions so that you can be prepared and accomplish your outdoor goals. I have a passion for helping climbers with all levels of experience train more effectively to get results. My passion is helping you crush your mountain goals and have a blast doing it through the whole process.