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Custom Training Plans

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Your passion.

Our purpose.

train2climb is dedicated to partnering with you to ensure you summit whatever mountain you’re psyched for, no matter how big or small. Climbing can become a lifestyle or a moment in time that you can remember years from now. What matters is your pursuit to overcome challenges and reach for high goals. Through partnership, we will help you prepare both physically and mentally for your climb. Also, we believe you must have have a blast and stay safe while doing it. Fun and safety begin with preparedness.

Depending on the objective, you may plan on using a guide service, which we recommend. Keep in mind that guide services will only do so much to prepare you physically and mentally for your trip. In our experience, they will give you general guidelines on what you should be training for. Their expectation is that you come physically ready for your climb. Climbers love to say that "the best way to train for climbing is by climbing." When a client of ours used a guide service to climb Mount Rainier, she was told to "be physically fit enough to carry a 40lb pack up 4000 feet." That is quite vague and explains almost nothing. You need to know how fast, what pace, what time of day, how many breaks will I take, and much more. 

train2climb was born for the purpose of maximizing your experience while you climb to the top. Your passion is our purpose.


“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

— John Muir